Ideal Environment for Heritage Attraction to Profile their Brand

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK has chosen Bristol Airport to make a progressive step into ‘out of home’ advertising which is a new medium for Roman Baths.

Bristol Airport Advertising Roman Baths Attraction

With over one million visitors each year, this fine historic site is ensuring it will continue to welcome tourists for years to come by keeping their imagery at the forefront of Bristol passengers’ minds.

During August alone this amounted to an audience of 30,000 unique travellers per day.

As the major entry port into the South West’s attractions and industry, Bristol Airport provided the ideal location to showcase the Roman Baths’. The Airport has seen continual growth over the last 7 years, with 8 million passengers in 2017 and forecasted passenger numbers to reach 10 million by 2020 advertisers have the opportunity to promote their message and brand to a hugely desirable audience in this prestigious environment.

The Roman Baths’ eye-catching campaign will welcome both arriving and departing passengers due to strategic and prominent planning reaching across the airport. Sites located at bag drop areas and baggage carousels provide opportune dwell times when there is little else available to distract the mind of the engaged traveller.

Ann Gould of 26 Marketing, Marketing Agency for The Roman Baths, commented “Having used Out of Home for a number of years, 2017 saw The Roman Baths’ first foray into airport advertising. Bristol Airport not only provided the ideal opportunity to reach a large, upmarket regional audience, but also delivered a high-quality advertising environment that we were very comfortable profiling the brand within.  The fact that we were talking to a relaxed and receptive audience, with the time to absorb our campaign messaging and imagery at multiple points through the airport added to the resonance of the campaign.

We have been very happy with both the obvious impact of the campaign, as well as the care shown by Eye Airports in helping to optimise and deliver our campaign.”

Bristol Airport Advertising Roman Baths Attraction
Bristol Airport Advertising Roman Baths Attraction

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