Neuro Imaging

Our Neuro Imaging Study

If we are asked about our opinions, we can filter the results even subconsciously, to deliver what we think is wanted, not what we truly feel.

Neuro Imaging is a way to accurately measure how we think and feel. Because of this, we commissioned a Neuro Imaging study to get a more accurate picture of peoples’ reactions to advertising in airports.

In particular we measured Engagement and Emotional Intensity. Both of these contribute to long term memory encoding, which is key to purchase behaviour.

The results for our Neuro Imaging study were overwhelmingly positive and the research highlighted that:

  • We found that Airport Advertising illicits 18% higher responses (across all measurements) than pedestrian roadside advertising.
  • Digital panels give 21% higher responses.
  • Static posters proved to be 10% better in the airport on the measure of attention in terms of Long Term Memory.
  • Large and small formats had different impacts, as large posters were better suited to make a statement, small posters were beneficial for detailed ads.
  • However, because the brain engages with patterns and familiar repetition, both used together and in repeated exposures created more compelling campaigns.

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