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About Eye Airports

About Eye Airports

We work in 20 key regional airports spanning the UK – from major UK cities, to the Shetland Islands. We provide profitable advertising solutions, combining traditional Out-of-Home advertising formats, innovative Digital HD Screens, and even experiential opportunities, from sampling to live demos.

What We Do

Airport Advertising Experts

Airports provide a captive setting where brands can engage with a large, affluent audience in a unique mindset. They’re receptive, alert and ready to buy. We use strategically placed media to connect buyers to brands and positively influence the passenger experience. We have years of experience and worked with a variety of companies, ranging from Sage UK and Hugo Boss, down to local, regional businesses like Liverpool Hope University and MMS Shipping.”

Bristol International Airport, KLM, Large Banner, External Roundabout Advertising

What Our Clients Say

“As soon as we were shown this opportunity to advertise Wrings in this prime location site at Bristol Airport we knew we had to take it. As we are celebrating our 25th year, we wanted something special. With its ever growing passenger numbers in both regional and international audiences Bristol Airport provided the perfect Out Of Home platform for advertising our brands.

As regional B2B brands we wanted to be able to advertise in an eye catching and creative way to increase local presence and reputation, whilst still targeting potential customers, and this site ticked all of our boxes. Its size and overhead position means our creative dominates the check-in and the location is very visible to 100% of passengers, it’s pretty wow during the day and because of its lighting, is stand out on dull days or dark nights. Something we could not have found in another form of Out Of Home advertising.

We have booked for 2 years and are confident the advertising will support our business through increased exposure to a local audience of potential customers.”

Stuart & John Wring – Wrings Transport & Wring Group

Advertising at Newcastle Airport

“We placed adverts in Newcastle International Airport after trying many other forms of promotion without much success. I am amazed at the amount of people who have commented on our campaign, after passing through the airport. It’s been a real winner, thanks to Andy and the team.”

Mark Percy, MD, Permatt Forklift Trucks

“With our new partnership at Newcastle International Airport we decided the most effective and flexible platform to enhance our presence was the numerous HD digital screens which form the airport’s digital network. The screens have enabled us to change our messages quickly and cost effectively, to promote our world class spirits  in World Duty Free and also our distillery as a tourist destination.

Our campaign has targeted passengers on both legs of their journey, when both departing and arriving, meaning we have maximised audience reached along with the repetition of our messages being seen. The opportunity to target this huge captive audience, along with their extended dwell time, has proven very effective. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

Maria Duddin, Director of Business Development and PR, The Lakes Distillery Company Ltd

Lakes Distillery Company, Gin, Newcastle International Airport, D6 Digital Screen, Animated Digital Advert, Airport Retail, Airport Departure Lounge
Dart Marina Luxury Hotel and Spa, Exeter International Airport, Large Lightbox, Airport Check In

“After initial uncertainty we have been delighted with the installation at Exeter Airport. The visuals look fantastic and the anecdotal evidence suggests many of our target market are taking note of the adverts. We have been so pleased we have continued with the placement and have no plans to remove it.”

Paul Downing, Dart Marina Luxury Hotel & Spa

“Year on year we advertise at Inverness Airport and always, it performs. It is a fabulous location to advertise our self-catering properties and our brochures help while away some time before flights arrive! We track where our business comes from and the fact we renew each year, speaks for itself.”

Catherine Bentley, LHH Ltd

LHH Ltd, Inverness Airport, Departure Lounge, 6 Sheet Lightbox
Houghton Stone, Bristol International Airport, International Arrivals, Advertising Panel

“Houghton Stone have advertised at Bristol Airport for some years now and we have found it has had a very positive effect and are very pleased with the feedback received.

Placing our brand in front of the airport’s huge captive audience, in varying locations, has raised our profile considerably whilst also increasing our prestige being visible in a major regional landmark as well as alongside other leading brands.

We look forward to our campaign being seen time and time again, and the positive effect it has on our business continuing.”

Richard Houghton, Founder & Senior Partner, Houghton Stone

“Having utilised Newcastle International Airport’s D6 digital network inside the terminal, which enabled us to impact on 100% of departures and arrivals in a very eye catching animated way, we found this to be very effective. We had some really good feedback from our campaign via our own insights data and even from our own staff.

We have no hesitation in running future campaigns at the airport and recommending it as a very effective platform for other companies to showcase their business.”

Kevin Green, Marketing Executive, Global, Media Agency for Heart FM

Heart FM, Newcastle International Airport, D6 Digital Screen, Animated Digital Advert, Airport Retail, Airport Departure Lounge
Silverlink Clinics, Washroom Advertising, Newcastle International Airport, International Arrivals, Departure Lounge

“After running our initial campaign across the departure lounge at the airport it has enabled us to specifically target men and women separately.

I’m delighted to say the positive feedback and number of enquiries this has generated has been fantastic! Despite our adverts being in tamper proof frames passengers have still tried to take them away with them, which is testament to the demand for our services.

Based on the effectiveness of our campaign we had no hesitation in renewing our contract long term and look forward to our continued partnership well into the future.”

Chris Matthews MBA, Founding Partner & CEO, Silverlink Clinics

“We noticed a number of advertising campaigns at Newcastle International Airport and decided to run our own campaign, to raise the profile of our business to the people of the North East plus the numerous international visitors we have arriving via the airport.

I’m happy to say our presence in the main departure pier and in international arrivals has had a very positive effect, with many people mentioning to us that they have seen our advertising. These locations have enabled us to maximise our audience reached, along with the repetition of our campaign being seen, which has delivered a significant increase in our profile.

Happy to recommend the airport as a prime platform for advertising and look forward to our continued partnership long into the future.”

Robbie Williams, Royal IHC Limited

Royal IHC Limited, Newcastle International Airport, All Departures Corridor, Large Lightbox
The Roman Baths, Banes, Bristol International Airport, Check In, Large Lightbox

“Having used Out of Home for a number of years, 2017 saw The Roman Baths’ first foray into airport advertising. Bristol Airport not only provided the ideal opportunity to reach a large, upmarket regional audience, but also delivered a high quality advertising environment that we were very comfortable profiling the brand within.  The fact that we were talking to a relaxed and receptive audience, with the time to absorb our campaign messaging and imagery at multiple points through the airport added to the resonance of the campaign.

We have been very happy with both the obvious impact of the campaign, as well as the care shown by Eye Airports in helping to optimise and deliver our campaign.”

Ann Gould, 26 Marketing, Marketing Agency for The Roman Baths

“We have developed our relationship with Bristol Airport over a number of years and are delighted to continue working with this international travel hub at the heart of the West Country.

Clarks Village offers a unique shopping experience, with a relaxed and exciting vibe, and we hope our vibrant and colourful branding adds to the welcome into the South West for the many passengers who are returning home or visiting this stunning part of the UK.”

Steve Burge, Marketing Manager, Clarks Village

Clarks Village, Bristol International Airport, Arrivals Corridor, Large Wall Wrap
Newcastle College Advertising with Eye Airports

“We have used Newcastle International Airport for a number of different campaigns. It offers a number of sites which we are able to utilise to complement our marketing campaigns. Eye Airports are very responsive and flexible to our requests and we will no doubt use them for future marketing campaigns.”

Mark Coulthard, Head of Marketing, Newcastle College

“As the Managing Director of Trenton Motors, one of Humberside’s leading f franchised Motor Dealers, it is vital for me that my Groups marketing messages reach the right target audiences within the region to maximise leads and enquiries into our showrooms and onto our Website

I am a frequent Business flyer and I always saw airport advertising but didn’t realise how affordable and effective it could be until I met Andrea and she explained to me the coverage, benefits and costs involved. Once made aware it made perfect sense to utilise the opportunity to advertise within Humberside Airport.

The whole implementation process was handled efficiently by Andrea and her Team and the direct leads Trenton has received from our partnership have led to a number of sales across the Trenton Group which I genuinely believe is due to the right target audience passing through the Airport.

I would recommend utilising the services of Andrea and the Team at Humberside Airport to take advantage of what has been a successful marketing channel for my business.”

John Loose, Managing Director, Trenton Motor Group

Clarks Village, Bristol International Airport, Arrivals Corridor, Large Wall Wrap

Ready to discuss how airport advertising can help your business?