Pukka Herbs Bristol Born and Brewed in 2001

Pukka are making quite a statement at Bristol Airport by showcasing their unique story.

Pukka Herbs

Pukka supply their organic herbal teas and supplements to over 40 countries around the globe from their home in Bristol. Pukka wanted to reflect the creative and ethical vision of the city and connect as many people as possible with the power of plants for their own health and wellbeing and the good of the planet.

A series of backlit posters conveys this idea of connecting people and of Bristol as their home – highlighting that Pukka is served at Bristol Airport in the SoHo Coffee Co. The whole story comes to life in a 43m wall wrap that uses a mosaic of images taken of their plants and farmers from around the world. These images are interspersed with facts around what Pukka do, what they give back to the environment and how individual plants and herbs are celebrated in the things they make. It conveys the eclectic beauty, passion and pioneering vision of Pukka, Bristol and the airport itself.

The new wall-wrap and back-lit poster sites have generated a hugely positive reaction from both consumers and airport staff, and ensures that over 8 million passengers every year are aware of the Pukka brand and their inspiring story. It will go some way in helping Pukka to achieve their mission of creating a healthier planet, one cup of organic tea at a time.

Pukka Herbs