Targeted Campaigns to Promote Your Brand

Airport advertising captures the attention of passengers in a prestigious environment. With a total audience figure of over 5.2m forecast during 2017, this amounts to a considerable opportunity for businesses to reach out to a large affluent audience travelling in and out of Newcastle International Airport.

The Airport’s prominent advertising options allow businesses to take advantage of the dwell times experienced by passengers, whom already have an alert mind-set looking for information. In fact, every part of the journey throughout the airport – car parks, check-in, departure lounge, gates plus arrival piers & baggage reclaim halls – provide an ideal opportunity to engage with potential and existing customers.

Airport advertising can be effective for businesses from all sectors, offering an affordable way for them to promote their brand, products and services to highly desirable business and leisure audiences. Dynamic campaigns can be tactically and strategically placed, ensuring maximum impact.

Quite simply, regional airports provide a highly effective avenue of out of home advertising which should be taken advantage of by local businesses.

Our expert team can assist you with creating a professional and dynamic campaign specific to your needs, so feel free to get in touch and we can help to create your own tailor-made journey at