Penny Swarfield, regional account director for Bristol Airport, was tasked with finding the perfect advertising solution for Wrings, currently celebrating their 25th year. The resulting install certainly delivers, not only because of its impressive appearance, but also through the impressions it will deliver on an audience of over 9 million airport visitors over the year.

What our client has to say:

“As soon as we were shown this opportunity to advertise Wrings in this prime location site at Bristol Airport we knew we had to take it. As we are celebrating our 25th year, we wanted something special. With its ever growing passenger numbers in both regional and international audiences Bristol Airport provided the perfect Out Of Home platform for advertising our brands.

As regional B2B brands we wanted to be able to advertise in an eye catching and creative way to increase local presence and reputation, whilst still targeting potential customers, and this site ticked all of our boxes. Its size and overhead position means our creative dominates the check-in and the location is very visible to 100% of passengers, it’s pretty wow during the day and because of its lighting, is stand out on dull days or dark nights. Something we could not have found in another form of Out Of Home advertising.

We have booked for 2 years and are confident the advertising will support our business through increased exposure to a local audience of potential customers.”

Stuart & John Wring
Wrings Transport & Wring Group