Turning Black Friday Green

Become a commercially sustainable business

2022 is just around the corner, and any forward-thinking business should have a strategic focus on becoming commercially sustainable to guarantee that they have the greatest chance of success in the future.

It’s clear that all businesses now need to adopt responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices, and every positive action is a step in the right direction. Even the most reticent businesses are aware that they need to become more eco-conscious as we enter this next generation low carbon economy.

Those who aren’t seen to be including principles of sustainability into their business strategy face being left behind.

Eco-friendly initiative

As a business, Eye Airports are always looking for ways that we can adapt and improve, with many exciting developments planned for next year. As part of our commitment to help our customers go green, we’re offering a 10% discount off all new campaigns booked this week, which will be directly invested into green initiatives, including re-foresting UK woodland. Just one campaign can offset up to 100 tonnes of CO2 and allow 300 trees to be planted.

Not only is it a really effective way to raise brand awareness, it’s also a green and sustainable way to advertise, as every tree planted will benefit generations to come.

Sustainable advertising platform

Progressive businesses looking for sustainable investments can also use airport advertising as a platform to facilitate and broadcast their green credentials, which will be recognised and appreciated by shareholders.

A YouGov survey found that up to 65% of consumers make decisions based on a brand’s eco-credentials, and 21% actively stop purchasing specific brands or products over environmental concerns. Brands that are able to demonstrate that they are actively offsetting their carbon footprint and are taking steps to shrink their environmental impact are increasingly seen as credible and trustworthy.

Those that are thinking about their marketing strategy for the New Year should consider booking their campaign now to ensure that they remain current and relevant throughout 2022.

To read more about the green alternative to Black Friday visit: https://greenfriday.org.uk/green-friday/

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