Andrew_cropBy Andrew Walker, CEO, Eye Airports

The USPs of advertising in Airports ? The short answer is “unique mindset, high dwell time… and premium audience”. When we use Airports the purpose and environment usually reflects a more special occasion, separate to the routine of daily life. We’re often very familiar with consuming advertising on TV, in print, online and travelling on public transport.

However, the Airport experience can be seen as more of an upmarket and exciting event. A well-earned family trip and most business flight mark a departure from the daily grind.

When passengers are waiting for their flights, they are more alert and therefore very receptive to advertising messages. Once through security they also know that they have time to take in and discover the retail opportunities on offer. In comparison to other environments offering advertising, Airports offer a known and huge amount of dwell time – well over an hour. On this basis, the airport offers a key environment for brands to engage with people.

We recognise that this is a great opportunity to reach this premium, receptive and secure audience in a prestigious, enclosed environment.

Eye Airports help brands take advantage of the airport experience, through a multitude of exciting ways to connect with these valuable audiences. For example, digital formats connecting with passengers’ mobile devices, or dominating key areas through sponsorship or with immersive experiential opportunities. In fact, our advertising currently serves over 100 million business and leisure passengers every year – a number which continues growing. Because of our national scale and our new digital offering, there has never been a better time to advertise in the airport environment.

Having collaborated with an wide range of brands including Tesco, Hyundai, Land Rover, O2 and Thomson, to name just a few, we are constantly developing innovative ways to engage with audiences and create unique, memorable campaigns.

But, ultimately, it’s about the client and what the client wants. The best results come from a campaign built around the client’s objectives, reaching the known audience in the ideal mindset and utilising our unique, high dwell time advertising environment .

We dedicate time to understanding the client’s goals, so that we can offer the most fitting solution. It’s the best and most efficient way to work and, as the UK’s national airport advertising experts, Eye Airports hold a unique position to take you on this journey. I’m proud to say we’ve already won 3 Advertising Industry awards, 2 of which were for our innovative digital content, and I believe there’s a lot more to come….

Airports offer a premium, high dwell time advertising environment with a wealth of possibilities and opportunities to create an exciting and effective campaign for your brand.

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