The social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women are celebrated globally tomorrow on International Women’s Day.

Here at EYE Airports, we’re incredibly proud that we are predominantly a female team. Gender equality is a top priority at EYE, and this is reflected in our commitment to empowering women and advancing more women into leadership positions. We aim to support and encourage women to further their skills and leadership potential through professional development.

In celebration of this and to coincide with International Women’s Day tomorrow, we’re showcasing 7 of our incredible ladies who will be sharing their accomplishments and thoughts throughout the week.

By recognising and celebrating women’s achievements, we’re all helping to #BreakTheBias.

Andrea Barton-Lawrence – Account Director

Andrea has worked at EYE Airports for just over 3 months and is already an instrumental part of the team.

Why I love my position at Eye

“It makes me so proud to be able to provide clients with a platform that delivers impact, prestige and success. I love knowing everything about the airports, such as passenger demographics and flights paths so that I can tailor campaigns specifically to every client and be confident that there is never any wasted spend.”

A woman who inspires you (and why!)

“Dolly Parton – not only do I sound just like her whilst in the shower but what she has done for South Yorkshire is incredible. Ensuring that every child in Rotherham received a brand-new book every month from birth to 5 years old was a selfless and thoughtful act to help the future generation to learn to read. She also made a considerable donation which helped to fund Covid vaccine research. And her songs have carried me on many of my life paths and make me feel alive!”

What makes you successful?

“Being able to see the bigger picture after having either a day of successes or failures can be an achievement, and I believe this contributes to my success.
It gives me huge satisfaction and pride in my achievements when I see the end product after seeing through the whole process with my clients.”

Advice you’d give to other women in business

“Just be you. Be comfortable with who you are, don’t try and fit into somebody else’s perception of how you should be. Times have changed from when I first started in business, how creative you look proves that you are prepared to take ownership for yourself. Work hard, and work smart. Always ask someone if you’re struggling – we love to help other people and never know when we may need the favour to be returned.”

Andrea on Andrea

“I’m not the most natural salesperson. I look at others and think they’re amazing, they’re wonderful, I wish I could flow as they do. However, I’ve won sales awards, holidays, recognition from both peers and management throughout my career, which I attribute to hard work, putting the hours in and sticking to my word. I do what I say when I say I’ll do it, which means that people are happy to recommend me to others which helps with my networking and new business targets.”