The majority of passengers we reach are UK resident consumers and for them, arriving back in the country is an interesting mindset to be in; not yet back into their routine, their thoughts are along the lines of what is on the horizon for the coming weeks and how they can take the opportunity to make key life changes. Kuoni research found that more than half of all life-changing decisions are made whilst on holiday. That is why the opportunities we offer in the arrivals areas of our airports are so unique and have appealed to brands across the country, with some of our most innovative, creative examples to date happening during July.

Finally, in Belfast, Eye Airports’ Regional Account Manager Julie Connell successfully pitched a novel and relevant idea to RG Sinclair Solicitors (above, left). Advertising on eye-catching suitcases, purposely created by senior students at St. Colmans College Newry, is being displayed to arriving passengers in the Belfast International’s baggage reclaim hall. In a statement from the airport, Commercial Manager Deidre Graffin said, “It’s certainly the first time we have seen suitcases like these in Belfast International. [The] innovative advertising method will attract the interest of everyone passing through the airport”