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Retail Category Advertising

Deliver the right message at the right time to your target audience. The Airport experience is synonymous with shopping opportunities. With 70% of Airport purchases unplanned, Eye Airports can deliver the ideal prompt to purchase whether in-Airport or online. With mobile engagement during the wait for departure, any online available product or service can be purchased. 98% of people agreed they like to arrive early to shop at the Airport, there is no better reason than to target an 80% ABC1 audience that have the power to spend in a stress free environment.

Stand out from the crowd and signpost retail purchase and bring your retail campaigns to life.

Retail Advertising Key Insights:

  • 98% of passengers agree they arrive early to shop at the Airport
  • 73% say they always shop at the Airport
  • 86% of passengers make a purchase in the departure lounge
  • 80% of passengers buy food and/or drink before their flight

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